When every second counts
you can count on ROCKET CONNECT

In an emergency situation ROCKET CONNECT puts the power in your hands. Every wasted minute could be the difference between life and death. Even if you are covered by a medical aid, obtaining medical aid authorisation for emergency transport is a time-consuming process, with no guarantee of approval. During stressful emergency situations, let us take care of your emergency assistance.

For as little as R375 per beneficiary per month, you do not have to wait for time-consuming, complex medical aid authorisation. Medical assistance is provided instantly, and if your emergency meets internationally accepted call out and flight criteria there are NO questions asked - emergency transport (road or air transport, depending on severity) is dispatched immediately! There are NO hidden costs, and NO surprise bills after your traumatic experience. It's all included in your affordable monthly subscription fee.

Why choose us?

There are many companies out there promising to take you to a hospital when you have an emergency. Why should you choose ROCKET CONNECT as your preferred partner in pre-hospital care?

We are REAL!
We are not just another faceless entity, selling you a deliberately vague product, hoping that we never have to deliver or actively trying to put red tape between your emergency and our service.
We actually want to assist you
when you need us
and we want to put you
at the centre of everything we do.

We have a proven track record
We own the largest twin-engine helicopter fleet in South Africa. We don't just brand other people's helicopters and then rely on service providers to keep our promises.
We control the level of pre-hospital care you receive
from scene to hospital - because we actually employ the crew providing this care.

We have exceptional crew
This may not sound like such a big deal, but when your life depends on it you want to be able to trust in the people in charge of your wellbeing. We can confidently state that our helicopter crew have the most combined experience in the business. We boldly and safely go where others can't - even into the darkest of places at night. Thanks to our unique night vision goggles and twin-engine safety, there is no place too inaccessible for us, even when an emergency strikes at night.
Nobody else can offer you this.

We bring the ICU to you
Our state of the art Bell 222 helicopters are equipped with ICU-level facilities. Instead of spending valuable time firstly waiting for, and then in transit in an ambulance or lesser-equipped helicopter, we effectively
bring the ICU directly to the scene
drastically improving patient outcome.

Do you live in rural South Africa?
Crumbling road infrastructure means that often, when a medical aid only approves a road ambulance, hours go by before it arrives, and the return journey is arduous. Our Bell 222 helicopters have the longest range in South Africa, which means if your injuries meet our call criteria and you are too far for a road ambulance we will send a helicopter.
This could be the difference between life and death.

We are independent and proudly patient-centred
What does that mean for you? On a practical level, it means that we transport you to the closest suitable facility - we don't for instance overfly a suitable facility to take you to an affiliated one. Additionally, it means that there is always a road ambulance nearby, as we are not affiliated to one particular service, but have a wide range of EMS providers throughout our coverage area.
Your wellbeing is our priority.

We have our own, 24 hour, in-house call centre
Trained paramedics can dispatch the correct assistance quickly and effectively within a short period of time. We own our helicopter emergency service infrastructure - the call centre therefore does not still need to find a helicopter to send to you if required.
Our sizeable helicopter fleet is at your service.

We provide you with an advanced first-aid kit
When you need to use it, our call centre is available at any time of the day or night to assist you with guidance and information. We even include two refills per year in your subscription.
Even for minor emergencies, we've got you covered.

Access to our services is unlimited!
You read that correctly! We place no limits on your access to our emergency medical assistance. If you or any of your beneficiaries meet international call out criteria, we send an ambulance...when you meet international flight criteria, we send our helicopter - no matter how many times!
No red tape, no excuses.

Our SMART PHONE PANIC APP puts you in direct contact with professional medical assistance the moment you open it!

We also have an emergency SMS short code, which means that you can contact us even if you don't have cellular data connectivity or  even sufficient cellular signal for a phone call.

How does it work?

In the event of an emergency, simply call 0860-FLIGHT, press the panic button on your Smart Phone App, or text HELP to 43091.
Our call centre, who now knows your exact location, contacts you via a phone call or the chat function on your Smart Phone App.
After your emergency has been speedily assessed by our skilled medical professionals, emergency transport is dispatched to your exact location.

All services are included in your subscription!

Are you ready to subscribe?

Click here to register on our website, after which you will be able to subscribe to your chosen coverage package.